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Academics at STARS Academy

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Welcome to the comprehensive academic overview of STARS Academy School. Our approach is distinctively integrated, focusing on a cross-curricular method that intertwines core academic subjects with enriching experiences.

Our Philosophy

STARS Academy believes that fusing meaningful academic inquiry with the transformative power of the arts, particularly musical theater, is an optimal way for students to learn. Our mission is to tailor rigorous, standards-based instruction to the unique needs of each learner. We cultivate positive self-esteem, respect, empathy, and diversity awareness through individualized teaching and envision an educational environment that transcends traditional boundaries.

Guided by the core values of our Student Learner Outcomes, our goal is to inspire a love for learning, promote cooperation through effective communication, foster critical thinking, and encourage self-reflection. With this foundation, STARS Academy students strive to become empowered individuals prepared for success in the future.

Tailored Standards

While our curriculum aligns with many state standards, including Common Core, ELD, and NGSS, we craft it uniquely to fit our educational model

Core Features

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio:

Ensuring personalized attention and support.

Cross-Curricular Approach:

Integrating various subjects for a comprehensive learning experience.

Focus on Social Emotional Learning:

Nurturing the whole child.

Welcoming Sense of Community:

Building strong, supportive relationships.

Small Class Sizes:

Facilitating deeper engagement and understanding.

UC-Approved High School Courses:

Offering a robust and recognized high school curriculum.

Experienced and Devoted Faculty:

Our team is committed to educational excellence.


Proudly accredited by WASC, emphasizing our commitment to high standards.

For more detailed insights into our specific programs, explore our elementary school, middle school, and high school pages. Each level reflects our dedication to a well-rounded, engaging educational experience.


At STARS Academy School, we believe in an education that prepares our students not just academically, but holistically for the challenges of tomorrow. Join us on this enriching educational journey.