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Tuition Assistance

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STARS Academy is committed to providing tuition assistance to our families. We are proud that this program enables many students to attend STARS Academy who might not otherwise be able to do so.

STARS Academy utilizes School & Student Services (SSS) by Community Brands which estimates the amount a family can contribute to school expenses and provides that estimate to STARS Academy’s Tuition Assistance Committee. The Committee then evaluates the amount of assistance needed to meet tuition costs, taking into account the family’s other children (ages, schools they attend), additional dependents, all sources of income, the priority of spending, debts, and expenses.

This process requires parents to complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) annually and provide the following documentation:

All information provided in the Tuition Assistance application is confidential and is not shared with anyone other than the TADS School & Student Services by Community Brands. This agency guarantees that all data remains confidential and is used only for the specific tuition assistance grants awarded to STARS Academy.

STARS Academy greatly appreciates donors who financially support our tuition assistance program.

The Tuition Assistance application process occurs at the same time as the application for admissions. However, the decisions to accept and to award assistance are separate.

Awards for continuing students is based on continued financial need, and new forms and tax returns must be submitted each year. All Tuition Assistance awards are contingent upon payment in full of the prior year’s financial obligations to STARS Academy.

​SSS utilizes expense thresholds for the Los Angeles area which are used when calculating tuition assistance estimates. Lifestyle choices that result in increased expenses or decreased income will not be underwritten by the tuition assistance program at STARS Academy.

In the case of divorced or separated parents, both parents (regardless of court ordered custody or support) must submit Parents’ Financial Statements to School & Student Service and provide all documentation. STARS Academy cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses. If a custodial parent has remarried, the Tuition Assistance Committee will consider commingled assets. In addition, STARS Academy cannot be bound by the assertion that each household is responsible for half the cost of education and therefore one household should be considered for financial assistance.

Tuition Assistance Timeline

January 26, 2024

Parents’ Financial Statements (PFS) due to TADS https://sssandtadsfa.force.com/familyportal