7353 Valley Circle Blvd., West Hills, CA 91304

Brenda Meyer

For the past 15 years, Brenda Meyer has worked as a School Counselor in a fully inclusive TK-8th grade school. She is
excited and honored to be providing social-emotional support for this amazing community. She is committed to encouraging all Stars Academy students to become better learners and community members by providing accessible, comprehensive, and developmental counseling services that meet their social, emotional, and academic needs. Her educational background is in the areas of School Psychology and Marriage Family Therapy. Both have been beneficial in
supporting and understanding the emotional and social needs of students and the ways that learning can be impacted. Academic success and access often lie in the student’s ability to manage their emotional and social states as well as have access to tools and strategies that support how they learn. She is a lifelong learner and strives to gain knowledge that will help me serve the community that she is supporting. Training in mindfulness, somatic work, SEL, Growth Mindset, Neurodevelopment, and trauma have been helpful in developing supports that aid in the success of the child’s ability to engage socially and academically within the school environment. Especially as we transition from pandemic protocol and living, our students will need more understanding, compassion, and care than ever. Each child is unique in their strengths and challenges and with guidance can begin to access tools/strategies that allow the growth of their true potential and being. She looks forward to being part of your child’s team of support.