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STARS Academy is Championing the Revival of Arts Education in Los Angeles

In an era where STEM subjects often take center stage at school, Los Angeles is witnessing a remarkable renaissance in arts education.

An Arts Education in Los Angeles Determines the Future of the City’s Creative Landscape

Arts Education in Los Angeles

In an era where STEM subjects often take center stage at school, Los Angeles is witnessing a remarkable renaissance in arts education.

As a unique, arts-based school in Los Angeles, we’ve seen firsthand how engaging with music, dance, theater, and visual arts can increase creativity, boost students’ academic achievement, and nurture their emotional well-being.

STARS Academy is excited to be part of a growing movement to revitalize arts education programs across Los Angeles schools.

The State of Education in Los Angeles

Despite the passage of Prop. 28 in 2022, which went into effect in early 2024 allocating an additional 1% of school budgets to arts education, most LA public schools have experienced decades of underfunding in the arts.

Before the measure, only around 20% of schools had a full-time art or music teacher, with low-income schools disproportionately affected by the lack of resources.

The disparity in access to arts education in LA is particularly concerning, considering the benefits arts programs have for students.

Studies have shown that an arts education can:

  • Improve academic achievement
  • Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Boost self-expression and creativity
  • Increase student engagement and motivation
  • Foster social and emotional development

History of Arts in Education

The arts have always played a crucial role in a child’s education. Music, dance, craftsmanship, and visual arts were essential parts of every child’s education where masters of their craft worked with students, providing hands-on learning.

In recent decades, the emphasis on standardized testing has pushed the arts to the background of a holistic education.

Integrating Arts Education into Every Aspect

Arts Education

At STARS Academy, we don’t just implement an arts appreciation week – the arts are woven into the fabric of everything.

We’re not just teaching subjects; we’re using arts as a powerful tool to enhance all areas of learning.

Our approach is driven by five core values that shape our curriculum and guide all aspects of our school’s programs:

  • Critical and Creative Thinkers
  • Self-Reflective Learners
  • Effective Communicators
  • Responsible Citizens
  • Empowered Individuals

We’re working to restore arts to its rightful place in the heart of education, fostering well-rounded, creative, and culturally aware students.

Infusing the arts into an engaging, relevant, accessible, and rigorous standards-based curriculum, we provide students with the skills and mindsets necessary to succeed in the 21st century. 

The Impact of Arts Education on Student Success

Impact of Arts Education in Los Angeles

Arts education plays a crucial role in students’ overall success and development. Recent studies have provided compelling evidence that increased exposure to arts learning opportunities can significantly impact students’ educational outcomes and personal growth.

Consider these eye-opening findings:

  • Four years of arts and music classes can increase an average SAT score by over 150 points compared to students with minimal arts education.
  • Low-income students engaged in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college as their peers without arts education.
  • Engaging in arts education can reduce the number of students receiving disciplinary infractions by 3.6 percent.

Our personalized, small-group instruction allows us to adapt our arts education to each student’s unique needs. We create a nurturing environment that fosters intrinsic motivation and encourages students to actively participate in their education.

Be Part of the Arts Education Revival in Los Angeles

Arts Education Revival in Los Angeles

We invite parents who appreciate the performing arts and understand their essential role in their child’s education and personal development to join us in revitalizing arts education in Los Angeles by cultivating the next generation of creatives.

By selecting STARS Academy, a performing arts school in LA, you’re giving your child the opportunity  to:

  • Nurture their artistic talents and passions
  • Boost their academic performance and critical thinking abilities
  • Support their social and emotional development
  • Lay the foundation for a successful future in the 21st century

Together, we can join the movement to see the arts continue to prosper in Los Angeles and influence the future of our city’s creative landscape.

Discover more about our arts-integrated curriculum and how STARS Academy can help your child reach their full potential.

Learn more about our arts-integrated curriculum and discover how STARS Academy can help your child unlock their full potential.