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Memories since 2003


STARS is a children’s musical theater program and drama camp designed to provide young children, no matter their ability or age, the opportunity to perform in a theatrical production. Each role is carefully assigned to mirror each child’s potential. Through blind casting, new and former students have equal opportunities for all roles. Our children’s musical theater program transforms the traditional take on theater camps by helping your child build confidence and expand their creativity while they make memories. As many children begin their stage experience at STARS, we foster a positive environment where former campers help welcome and ease new campers into the magic of theater, right here in San Fernando Valley, California.


Just want to make sure you know how great the shows were to watch! Such talent and fun! STARS is our dream come true. Thank you so so much!

-Leslie A.

Benefits of Drama Classes & Theater Education

There are countless benefits to enrolling your children in drama classes, especially with STARS structured programs and expert teachers. One of the main reasons it’s crucial to expose your child to drama classes focuses on the importance of drama in primary education. Teaching children drama enhances their communication, teamwork, creativity, and even more valuable lifelong skills. With STARS, we strengthen each child’s drama techniques and help them evolve into well rounded students.
Here are some of the main benefits of drama classes and musical theater education:


When it comes to finding an exact reason why children love our theater program for kids, we had a hard time narrowing it down to just one reason. From creating long-lasting friendships to the theater skills and techniques they learn, there are so many reasons why children enjoy our musical theater programs. Our STARS team is filled with passionate and dedicated professional teachers who have many years of theater experience and education. Through our theater program for kids, we expand your child’s understanding of theater, encourage creativity, and teach new skills in a fun and positive atmosphere.
Here are the top five reasons kids love our musical theater programs! 
1. FRIENDSHIPS: They build a lasting friendship with both campers and the STARS staff. No matter where the campers come from or how old they are, campers stay in touch after each session, and cannot wait to reunite at a performance or the following session.
pure fun
2. PURE FUN: They get to have fun doing something they enjoy, while also learning new skills in dance, singing, acting, and character development.
3. CREATIVITY: Children get to be creative and express themselves on a daily basis. Because camp provides a positive environment in which to open up and try new things, many campers learn leadership skills.
4. BUILDING CONFIDENCE: Their self-confidence grows immensely. Throughout the session, children work with different staff members who work on developing a positive atmosphere in which children can hone in on their talents.
5. MEMORIES: Kids have tons of memories of the good times, silly shenanigans and fun activities. It’s a time of discovery and self-improvement that stays with a kid long into adulthood.

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