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Giving to STARS Academy

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Your generous gift empowers STARS Academy to provide an extraordinary learning experience to as many students as possible.


100% of every gift to STARS Academy supports academic excellence, technology, athletics, arts, student life, global education, faculty development, and extra-curricular programs. Your gift allows us to set ambitious goals and to make our dreams a reality.

We have suggested donation amounts if you wish to support a specific program.

Donation packages


Drama: Support the Arts in Our School!

Your generous $250 donation to our Drama program will help ignite the creativity and passion of our budding actors. Your contribution will go towards purchasing props, costumes, and essential equipment, ensuring that our school’s theatrical productions continue to shine. By supporting Drama, you’re promoting artistic expression and helping students discover the magic of the stage.


Social Emotional Programming: Invest in Student Wellbeing!

A $500 donation to our Social Emotional Programming is an investment in the mental and emotional well-being of our students. These funds will be used to create safe spaces, organize workshops, and offer counseling services, helping our students navigate the challenges of their academic and personal lives. By supporting this package, you’re helping students develop resilience, empathy, and the skills they need for a brighter future.


Marketing to Help Expand Our Reach: Expand Our Impact Beyond the Classroom!

Your $1,000 donation towards Marketing will enable us to broaden our reach and connect with more students, parents, and potential supporters. These funds will be used to create compelling marketing materials, establish an online presence, and host outreach events, all of which will help us engage a wider community. By choosing this package, you’re contributing to the school’s growth and making a lasting impact.


Financial Aid: Empower Students with Access to Education!

Your generous $2,000 donation to our Financial Aid program is a lifeline for students who may not have the means to access quality education. Your contribution will provide scholarships, textbooks, and support for underprivileged students, ensuring that every child has an opportunity to learn and grow. By supporting this package, you’re breaking down financial barriers and creating a pathway to success for deserving students.


Endowment: Secure the Future of Our School!

The Endowment Package offers a significant opportunity to create a lasting legacy for our school. With a donation between $5,000 and $10,000, you’re contributing to a fund that will provide continuous support for our institution. The interest and returns on this endowment will benefit various school programs and initiatives, ensuring a sustainable source of funding for years to come. By choosing this package, you’re securing the future of our school and leaving a legacy of education.
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If you would like to donate to the Annual Campaign, please complete the following form.

If you would like to donate to the Annual Campaign, please complete the following form.